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Jean's Pics

It's April! The early blossoms are over, and new ones appear - magnolias, early rhododendrons, camas flowers and early tulips.....

Early in the morning I hear the birds singing, and not much later the lawn mowers.

Everyone is outdoors enjoying the sunshine!

1a 4-20 flowers and beach.jpg

Walking at Piper's Lagoon Park, with the camas lilies and other wild flowers

Living on the Island in April

Around Nanaimo 

1 4-2 harbour.jpg

An April view of Nanaimo from College Heights - the Gabriola Island ferry is crossing the harbour...

1 4-3 early morning.jpg

Texada Island from my window

snow in april.jpg

2008 - snow April 19! It didn't last long, luckily.....

4-20 apple blossoms.jpg

An ancient volunteer apple tree at Piper's Lagoon

12-04-07 glacier lily shadow.jpg
4-20 chocolate.jpg
4-20 camas lilies.jpg

A fawn lily in the sunshine, a hard-to-find chocolate lily and camas flowers - all at Piper's Lagoon

4-27 new oak leaves.jpg
4-27 walk neck point.jpg

The Garry oaks are getting new leaves at Neck Point Park.

The charming path at Neck Point Park.

4-29 arbutus flower.jpg

The flowers on the arbutus trees are like little lanterns...

4-27 walk in the park.jpg
4-7 sunset.jpg

An April sunset - looking up Island

A lovely day for dog walking!

North of Nanaimo - "Up Island"

4-10 green leaves.jpg

New leaves from the highway - Nanoose Bay


Parksville, looking up Island

06-04-23 parksville.jpg

Parksville, looking east to Lasqueti Island and the mainland

4-10 milner house.jpg

The house at Milner Gardens near Qualicum. The Queen and Prince Phillip stayed here in 1987.

4-10 magnolias 1.jpg

Magnolias at Milner Gardens

4-30 ucluelet.jpg

Snug Harbour from Marine Drive, Ucluelet on the west coast

4-30 crow.jpg

A cool breezy day at Pacific Rim Park

4-30 seaweed reflections.jpg

Seaweed and shadows at Pacific Rim Park

Victoria - Butchart Gardens in April

Butchart 2.jpg

The original house at Butchart Gardens

4-4 holding up the waterfall.jpg

The constantly changing fountain at the foot of the Sunken Garden

4-4 pink and white.jpg

The tulips and white narcissus border a long curved walk.

Butchart 3.jpg

The Sunken Garden - a former quarry

Butchart 5.jpg

The carousel building

4-4 dragon.jpg

The Chinese Dragon fountain was a gift from Victoria's sister city of Suzhou and the Government of China.

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