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Jean's Pics

August is a lovely month on the Island. The weather is warm, and there are great places to visit. I like to get out and drive to see the different towns, all with characters of their own.

There were a lot of August pictures, so it was hard to choose!

12-8-20 beach sunlight.jpg

Living on the Island in August

Around Nanaimo - the waterfront

7 docks.jpg
6 sail sculptures.jpg
harbour gap.JPG
4 crabbing.jpg

Walk out into the bay where every summer day people are catching crabs.

3 lagoon.jpg

Maffeo Sutton Park on the waterfront

1 a pan b.JPG

Looking down on the harbour - Newcastle Island park on the left, Protection Island center to right, and farthest out on the right is Gabriola Island.


An August sunset from my condo.

Around Nanaimo - Piper's Lagoon Park

20 grass beach.JPG

In August the sea grasses are tall heading to the beach.

23 bench.JPG

My favourite park bench under the Garry oaks on the first rocky hump

21 beach.JPG

Enjoying the beach on a warm day

26 shack island.JPG

Sunset towards the Shack Islands

North of Nanaimo - "Up Island"

Coombs to Nanoose

Silver meadows 3.jpg

Silver Meadows - one of my favourite farm markets.

Silver meadows 2.jpg

And the meadows...

marina from above.JPG

Schooner Cove

Schooner Cove from above

Hornby Island

tribune sailboats.JPG

It takes two ferries or a boat - but Tribune Bay on Hornby Island on a warm day is like the Caribbean, with warm water as the tide comes in. 

Below is a panorama.


Back in the March pictures I walked along the cliffs of Helliwell Park on Hornby. Here they are from the sea in August.

tribune panorama.JPG

On the west coast of the Island

11-8-18 low cloud lifting - Copy.jpg

A boat trip from Port Alberni to the open ocean...

11-8-18 Bamfield - Copy.jpg

The small isolated town of Bamfield

12-8-20 sunlight 2.jpg

Wickaninnish Beach in Pacific Rim Park

12-8-20 surfers chesterton.jpg

Surfers heading out - North Chesterson beach

12-8-20 Tofino harbour 2.jpg
12-8-20 wickinninish beach.jpg

It must have been a cool day - the people look bundled up on Wickaninnish Beach as the fog lifts!

12-8-20 radar hill.jpg

From Radar Hill - a radar station was here in WWII.

12-8-20 Tofino harbour.jpg

The Tofino harbour.

Victoria and Saltspring Island

8-8-2 1 crofton.jpg

The ferry to Saltspring Island leaves from the little town of Crofton.

8-8-2 10 bay at ganges.jpg

The main center on Saltspring is Ganges. This is the Ganges harbour.

8-8-2  4 cookies.jpg
8-8-2 5 wall bugsd.jpg
8-8-2 9 girl art.jpg

Saltspring Island has an interesting market every summer Saturday. The booths are eclectic and fun to explore.

8-8-2 8 chicken.jpg
9-10-4 005.JPG

Butchart has lovely flowers in late summer.

9-10-4 003.JPG

Victoria's Inner Harbour is an interesting place on hot summer days.

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