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September often feels like an extension of summer. The days are mild, the flowers continue to bloom and the sun shines, but there can be cool mornings, with fog in the valleys and over the Strait.

Living on the Island in September

Around Nanaimo 

A few trees in gardens turn colour.                                                              The air and the sea have wonderful shades.

Autumn crocus in a neighbours garden.......                                      At the coast people plant pansies and perennials.

A walk down the path that follows the little creek that parallels Brechin Road, the road down to Departure Bay and the ferry.

I think she is laughing.....

The maple leaves often turn brown and fall early.

North of Nanaimo - "Up Island"

Coombs to Deep Bay

Coombs is a popular tourist stop to see the goats on the roof, but I go to their fruit and vegetable market. By September the crowds have thinned out.

This is the attractive road down to Milner Gardens, just south of Qualicum Bay. It is lined with cedar trees and ferns.

For visitors that have difficulty walking, a golf cart will take you down to the house and gardens. 

This is Deep Bay, a lovely spot to visit. This is an Island fall day, with clouds and sun.

Victoria and the South Island

Around Victoria

On the Inner Harbour, the Parliament Buildings and a large group of people doing exercises.

The Empress Hotel and the Inner Harbour.

Boats and flowers in the Inner Harbour.

Tourism is a big feature of Victoria - a large group can ride together or take a small carriage (behind).

Around the coast drive, and on the eastern edge of the city a sailboat race, and a misty Mt. Baker in Washington State.

Butchart Gardens in September

Angels' Trumpet - in the centre square of the entrance. Look at the bench to see the size!

Hydrangea tree near the entrance.

The Italian Garden

Delicate pastel borders

A favourite - the dahlia walk - from tiny to 8 feet tall

Lawns with perfect borders

In the Japanese Gardens

Sooke Harbour

A drive west of Victoria to Sooke, on a foggy morning.

A useable wharf and ruins of old ones. 

Cormorants and gulls on an ancient wharf

The fog is lifting and blue sky makes everything look cheerier.

The last bit of fog and a sunny day.

Cruising is always a joy and new ports are always adventures.

I hope you enjoy the entries, and I would appreciate your feedback.

Thank you to Lynda Thompson, Lovette Kyllo, Kelly Raine, Jamie Robertson and Katie Robertson for sharing their personal photos...... and, of course, Google maps and Wikipedia photos.


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