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Jean's Pics

October is a mixed bag! There are lovely clear and warm autumn days, and rainy days with a chill in the air. It is a nice month to walk the trails around Nanaimo, and to visit the other lovely spots around the Island.


Living on the Island in October

Around Nanaimo - walking the waterfront

8-10-22 4 gap.jpg

Looking across the harbour to the gap between Newcastle

Island on the left and Protection Island on the right.

8-10-22 3 busy harbour.jpg

The harbour is busy, even on a cool breezy October morning.

10-10-13 Nanaimo harbour.jpg

A different morning, with calm waters

4 ice cream.jpg

Whatever the day, most walks end at the ice cream shop.

Autumn around Nanaimo

03 path.jpg
Oct 29 pipers lkate afternoon sun.JPG
06 bench.jpg
12-10-06 neck point.jpg

Piper's Lagoon, and the Garry Oak leaves have turned brown.

Maple leaves beside the lagoon 

My favourite bench on the first hump.

Neck Point

8-10-22 6 to departure bay.jpg

Looking down on Buttertubs Marsh.


Down at the marsh...


I like the clouds in the water.....

8-10-23  the street male.jpg
8-10-23 arbutus berries.jpg

The king of the neighbourhood

Arbutus berries in October

North of Nanaimo - "Up Island"

8-10-10 condos parksville.jpg

Parksville beach


The Fairwinds Golf Course, Lantzville


Silver Meadows

Victoria and the South Island

Around Victoria Inner Harbour

5 The Empress.jpg

The Empress Hotel and the Inner Harbour.

3 The Coho.jpg
4 whale watchers.jpg

Tourists off on a whale sighting tour

3 houseboats.jpg

The Coho coming in from Seattle and a water taxi

A few of the floating homes at Fisherman's Wharf

Around DowntownVictoria


Historic buildings on lower Johnson St.


The window above the door of Murchie's, Government St.


Inside Monro's Books, Government St.

Beacon Hill Park

2 Beacon Hill flowers.jpg

Butchart Gardens in October

8-10-25 1 b gardens entrance.jpg
8-10-25 6 dahlias.jpg
8-10-25 5 looking down colour.jpg
8-10-25 4  walkway.jpg

Hatley Castle - Royal Roads University

8-10-11 1 castle from Italian garden.jpg

hatley Castle, before vines were removed.

1 grounds monkey puzzle.jpg

The lawns down to the lagoon

10 cedar.jpg

The big cedar, the path to the Japanese Gardens

12-10-25 leaves 3.jpg
a bridge.jpg
h maple.jpg

The Japanese Gardens

9 lotsa birds.jpg

A trumpeter swan with the black beak and a mute swan with an orange beak. 

10-10-15 trumpeter and mute.jpg
10-10-15 heron and swans.jpg

Swans with a blue heron

The Esquimalt Lagoon is in front of the castle grounds. 

11 goose.jpg
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