Dubrovnik, Croatia

Come over the drawbridge and enter ancient Dubrovnik.

Walk the wall for ever changing views!

Do you see the small inlet in the upper left of the lead photo? That is the cruise ship port. And the view from a ship's balcony is a modern bridge and a wharf for tour busses, the shuttle to the old city, and a large warehouse. In the afternoon local crafts and small businesses set up tables and displays.

149 - bridge.jpg

Dubrovnik was a trading town from the 600's and the walls were built by the 1500. It has been partly destroyed  by an earthquake in 1667 and recently in 1991-92 during Croatia's bid for independence, when it was bombed from above.

Dubrovnik is one of Europe's best preserved and most popular walled cities. As you cross the drawbridge and enter the old town, what may strike you first is the sparkling cleanliness..... the wide main street shines and not even a tiny piece of dust can be seen.