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Jean's Pics

February is the month when Spring begins on the Island, especially on the southern end. In Victoria there are blooming trees and masses of daffodils in Beacon Hill Park.

There is usually snow, as well - but it doesn't last long.

na6-2-17 top of hill.jpg

View looking north up the Island from my street.

Living on the Island in February

Around Nanaimo -Piper's Lagoon Park

na2-21 - 51 wild cherry.jpg

Wild cherry blossoms

naCopy (2) of pl1.jpg

Looking toward Vancouver from the path


My faourite park bench - the top of the first rocky hill ... The trees are Garry oaks, growing curved and twisted.

na2-9 oaks and ocean.jpg

Looking toward Nanaimo harbour. The lagoon is empty at low tide.

Around Nanaimo -snow and flowers

naI snow.JPG
na9-2-27 blossoms in the snow.jpg

Waking up to snow in February

na crocuses.jpg
na2-13 Look.jpg

Early daffodils at a crosswalk

Around Nanaimo -the herring fishery and other water shots

na10-2-28 2 herring fishery.jpg

This was 2010... the herring fishery hasn't been as huge since then, and is now cut back. This was fascinating, with the boats trying to get the best positions.

na10-2-28 1 herring fisheries.jpg

On good years, the water turns milky turquoise near shore, and sometimes the surface of the water boils with the fish. Seagulls and seals come as well for a good meal.

na2-23 memories of last summer.jpg

The marsh - reflections

na2-16 stream 1.jpg

After the rains - a usually calm little creek

na2-8 kayak.jpg

The waterfront

na12-02-26 college heights.jpg

The view from College Heights - the inner harbour

North of Nanaimo - "Up Island"

n2 golf course pond.jpg
n3 swan.jpg

A visiting swan on the golf course pond

Fairwinds Golf Course, Nanoose Bay

n4 nanoose marina.jpg

Schooner Cove

n6 blue boats.jpg

Sailboats at Schooner Cove

n6-2-9 parksville mountain.jpg

The Parksville beach

Parksville beach, looking out to sea

Victoria and area in February

v12-02-26 parliament buildings.jpg

Parliament Buildings

v2-18 Fisgard St.jpg

Decorations for the Chinese New Year


Streets lined with blossoms in the James Bay area

v10-2-28 4 street in Victoria.jpg
v10-2-28 10 Pandora street.jpg
v6-2-11 pink blossoms.jpg

Yates Street

v2-18 fishermen's wharf.jpg

Fishermens' Wharf ready for Spring

v10-2-28 5 bridge beacon hi;ll.jpg

The willows at Beacon Hill Park are looking springy...

v10-2-28 9 camelias.jpg
v2-29 pintail.jpg

A handsome pintail duck

v2-18 gorse.jpg

In the early days of Victoria, the English and Scots were homesick for the broom and gorse, so had some imported. They are terrible weeds, and have spread over the southern half of the Island. They both have bright yellow flowers in the spring. This is gorse, with the spines that hurt Pooh when he fell from the honey tree.

v7-2-16 crocuses.jpg

Camellias at Government House

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