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Jean's Pics

I have been living in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island for over 20 years, and have been taking pictures - lots of pictures! Here is a sample, taken in January over a number of years.

They have been hidden in my computer.... and some viewers might enjoy them!

9-1-9 snow above sechelt.jpg

A wintry view across Georgia Strait towards Sechelt on the mainland.

Living on the Island in January

Around Nanaimo - at the waterfront

b1-31 on the waterfront.jpg

The frame - used for group photos

b7-2-1 baxter air.jpg

Harbour Air

b1-04 - Waterfront reflections.jpg
ba1-13 boats.jpg

The fishing boats are quiet in January

b1-10 - Plant pots.jpg

Plants growing in the tops of the logs

I am fond of reflections

7-1-24 fishing boats.jpg

Fishing boats resting....

7-1-24 fog boats.jpg

Sunny winter days often begin like this.

b1-13 reflection.jpg

A walkway makes lacy reflections

Around Nanaimo - Neck Point Park

c1-29 neck point.jpg

Cormorants enjoying the sunshine...

1-25 driftwood 2.jpg
c1-06 flooded field.jpg

Around Nanaimo - Ponds

c1-06 - Ice on Buttertubs Marsh.jpg

Ice on Buttertubs Marsh

High water on Brannen Lake

c1-20 reflections.jpg

Upside down, but nicer that way

Around Nanaimo

c9 looking north.jpg
c6-1-2 winchelsea.jpg

Arbutus trees in north Nanaimo

View north across the Strait

1-03 - Nanaimo from Glen Oaks Drive.JPG

Departure Bay and the Marina Channel

1-18 snowdrops 2.jpg

It is always cheery to find snowdrops in mid-January.

North of Nanaimo - "Up Island"

d6-1-2 farm.jpg

Farm in Nanoose Bay

d1-14 parksville.jpg

Parksville from the park

d1-23 island rogue.jpg

A calm day at French Creek

d1 lighthouse island.jpg

Lighthouse Country

Victoria and area in January

v6-1-21 inner harbour empress.JPG

The Inner Harbour and Empress Hotel

v6-1-21 parliament.JPG

Morning sun on the BC Parliament Buildings

v15-01-18 - vic - houseboats.jpg

House boats at Fisherman's Wharf

v10-1-14 waves and foam at Odgen Point.j

Every trip to Victoria I drive around Dallas Rd. by the sea... This day it was very windy near Ogden Point and foam was flying.

v1-28 dallas rd 2.jpg

This wasn't intended to be a black and white shot.

v1-28 doggie fetch.jpg

A happy dog at the off-leash park by the sea

v1-28 storm coming - ross bay.jpg

A storm coming - Ross Bay

v6-1-21 bridge.JPG
v1-19 witch hazel.jpg

Witch hazel blooming and giving a splash of colour.

The old bridge at Beacon Hill Park

va1-28 only needs an evil face.jpg

An old tree at the park - something evil from a fairy tale.

vh indoor garden1.jpg

It's cold out, but the indoor garden is blooming at Butchart Gardens. Every year the cafe is turned into the early Spring garden.

va1-28 ducks per square foot.jpg

A raft of ducks at Beacon Hill Park

vb icy snail.jpg

The little snail fountain at Butchart looks wintery. 

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