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Jean's Pics

It is finally July and truly summer.... Lots of visitors, lovely gardens, and beach time. Cruise ships pass us by on their way to Alaska.

8-7-10 cruise ship.jpg

Living on the Island in July

Around Nanaimo

8-7-6 out to sea.jpg
8-7-6 bay at neck point.jpg

Low tide at the bay at Neck Point Park

8-7-7 eagle.jpg
11-07-22 hummer.jpg
8-7-21 inside a shell.jpg
8-7-21 starfish patterns.jpg

A very big eagle, a very tiny hummingbird - an oyster shell with barnacles and a tiny starfish, a starfish in shallow water with sun designs - and a squirrel on my deck.

8-7-3 the bandit.jpg
8-7-21 beach 2.jpg
8-7-21 beach.jpg

In North Nanaimo, go down a cliff two hundred steps and there is a lovely sand beach at low tide with sea creatures. The grandkids love it, especially when the tide comes in over the warm sand.


Often in the summers we have smoke from forest fires that cloud the air. The smoke makes the layers of mountains distinct.


Ships come to Nanoose Bay to practice with torpedos. Here is the tender and a visiting submarine. This is the same view as above.

North of Nanaimo - "Up Island"

Campbell River.jpg
campbell river 2.jpg

These three pictures are of the waterfront in Campbell River. The first picture has a sculpture, and there are lots more along the shore. 

campbell river 3.jpg

Victoria and Sidney

8-7-11 empresss.jpg

The Empress Hotel in Victoria's Inner Harbour. The vines now have been removed, and the front looks quite different.

8-7-11 parliament buildings.jpg

Below the street in front of the BC Parliament Buildings, is a walk around the harbour. People come to sell art work, and some buskers entertain the tourists.

8-7-11 busker.jpg

An entertainer on the sea wall walk

1 butchart.jpg

Butchart Gardens are lovely in the summer.

8-7-11 fish market.jpg

Up the Saanich Peninsula to Sidney, and the waterfront.

8-7-11 sidney mt baker.jpg

The view from Sidney, and Mt. Baker in the background.

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