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Lots of history, fewer tourists -

A charming sea-side town. Just ask Lord Byron.....

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Portovenere is at the western point of the Bay of Poets, where La Spezia is the main city. The Cinque Terre is not far up the coast from Portovenere.

If you have seen the towns of the Cinque Terre and want a relaxing day by the sea in beautiful surroundings, Portovenere is a perfect choice. It is easy to reach - take the ferry from the La Spezia waterfront, just down the street from the Cruise Port Terminal. The ferry goes about every hour, so check the times online.

The town is at the tip of the peninsula, with a channel dividing the mainland with the island of Palmaria.  It is a romantic spot, favoured by Lord Byron, with a castle on the hill, ancient tower and the Palazzata, the tall houses on the seafront. Each is skinny but very deep, forming a solid wall of protection. There are tiny passages through the houses that give access to the houses behind. Explore the alleys, too!


The waterfront is lovely to walk - there are little boats of every description and perhaps some large yachts as well. There are little shops and many restaurants, with their outdoor areas where you can sit with a glass of wine. It feels laid-back and calming, a place to relax and simply enjoy the scenery.

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The ruins of Doria Castle built in 1161 are on the hill, and the castle wall goes down the hill to the water, ending with the  Capitolare Tower. You can climb up to visit the castle and go through it for a fee. The views are wonderful.


The Church of St. Peter (below) is out at the far end of land. It was consecrated in  1198. The original church dates from the 5th century. As you walk out passing the old stone wall, there is a set of stairs up to the church. Ahead is an interesting looking restaurant.


Walking the other way there are more boat docks, and after the main part of town there are inviting-looking beaches.

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Portovenere is relatively quiet, beautiful and charming, with interesting places to explore. Best of all, you can sit at a seaside cafe and enjoy the views!

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