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Venice is like nowhere else in the world.

Lose yourself in the maze of streets and canals....

Venice is a dream that can come true.

I have been to Venice three times, and each time I walked alone in the city and each time I happily got lost. The first time was in the summer of 2003 and part of a bus tour of Italy. On the lovely sunny evening when we arrived we were taken on gondolas through the main canal and the smaller streets, with the gondoliers singing "O Sole Mio" - and the marvelous  sound echoing off the ancient buildings. The next morning we came to St. Mark's Square early, and I declined a glass blowing tour to go off by myself. I was soon totally lost in the charm of the city, and perhaps an hour later went into a small corner store and picked up a map. After purchasing it, I opened it out on the counter and said, "Where am I?" The elderly man behind the counter smiled and pointed his finger to the map. This was a delightful introduction to Venice! I encourage you to wander, and enjoy the wonders around every corner.